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Awards and Scholarships

Scholarships for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Awards for graduating seniors and lower division students.

Past winners
of Math/CS Department

Current Sophomores and Juniors must apply to be eligible for the Boeing, Regan, and Costigan Scholarships. The Boeing application is generally due in early November, and the Regan/Costigan application is generally due in early March. Check back to this page for details as the deadlines approach.

Prizes for Graduating Students 

Collins Award
The College of Arts and Sciences annually presents the James D. Collins Awards for Excellence in Student Academic Achievement to recognize scholarship and creative achievements among undergraduate students. One student is chosen by faculty in each department of the college.
Garneau Award
The Garneau award established in 1924 by Mrs. James Garneau in memory of her husband. It is an annual cash award to one or more of the most outstanding graduating seniors in mathematics.
Elder Award
The Elder award is an annual cash award give to one or more of the most outstanding graduating seniors in computer science. The award is named for the late John Elder, a member of the department and a pioneer in computational number theory.
Al and Shelley Beradino Award
The Beradino Award is an annual cash award given each year to an undergraduate student for service to the department.
Computer Science Senior Capstone Award 
Given each year for the most outstanding Capstone Project in Computer Science. 

Scholarships for Continuing Students

The Boeing BOLD Scholarships.
Early Fall semester
Boeing BOLD Scholarships
A grant from Boeing provides 10 scholarships for students meeting the following criteria:
  • Sophomore, junior, or senior status (at least 1 remaining year) with GPA of 3.2 or above
  • Majoring in computer science or mathematics
  • Minoring or pursuing a second major in math, computer science, business, or engineering
For more information, please see the BOLD scholarships page.
Math/CS Scholarships.
Middle of Spring Semester
Costigan Scholarship
This endowed scholarship was established in 2005. It is given to mathematics and computer science majors who will be juniors and seniors the following year.
Francis Regan Scholarship
This endowed scholarship is given each year to mathematics majors who will be seniors the following year. It was established in honor of Francis Regan on his retirement in 1971.
Circle of Five Scholarship
This endowed scholarship is given each year to mathematics majors who plan to teach mathematics at the secondary level. It was established by Richard Winter in 2009.

Awards for Lower Division Students

Computer Science

The Computer Science Award
For outstanding performance in an introductory computer science class.


The deparment awards prizes to our outstanding lower division math students. Eligible students:

  1. Must have finished Calculus I
  2. Must be enrolled in a math course in the spring semester (Calculus II or higher)
  3. Must be a freshman or sophomore, i.e., be in their first or second year at SLU (we go by length of time, not by hours completed)
  4. Must have mostly A's in their math courses
The Calculus Award
For students satisfying the above criteria who have not completed the calculus sequence.
The Math Award
For students satisfying the above criteria who have completed the calculus sequence and are currently enrolled in a math class beyond calculus.

These awards are by recommendation only for students in or beyond the calculus sequence. If you would like to be considered for these awards, please speak to your instructor.

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