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Research Groups

The department has a number of active research seminars.

Mathematics Research

Mathematics research in the department generally falls into one of these areas:

The Topology group has a wide variety of interests, with an emphasis on the topology of 3-dimensional manifolds. Areas of specialty include hyperbolic 3-manifolds, knot theory, and foliations. 
The Algebra group includes people with interests in group theory, representation theory, ring theory, and finite dimensional algebras.
Among our Analysis group are people interested in wavelets, Banach spaces, analytic functions, Lie group representations, and analysis on symmetric spaces. 
Differential Geometry 
The Differential Geometry group is interested in: hyperbolic and Lorentzian geometry, rank one Lie Groups, and relativity. 

Computer Science Research

The Computer Science group is interested in algorithms, bioinformatics, computer graphics, visual perception, media processing, embedded systems, computational geometry/topology, computational linguistics and technical systems control.

Recent Conferences

Hosted by the SLU Department of Mathematics and Computer Science:

2008: The Clavius Group 
Collaboration in mathematical research. 
2007: The Zassenhaus Conference 
Group theory. 
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Math/CS Club
Wed, Oct 01, 2014
Log 2 Bryan Clair, SLU
Graduate Seminar
Thu, Oct 02, 2014
Parity and Biquandles in Virtual Knot Theory: Topological invariants via linear algebra Aaron Kaestner, North Park University
Fri, Oct 03, 2014
Khovanov Homology, Lee Homology and a Rasmussen Invariant for Virtual Knots Aaron Kaestner, North Park University
Math/CS Club
Wed, Oct 08, 2014
Math in Art and Architecture Anneke Bart, SLU
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